Dashboard Reporting

Keep track of your business data with our service.

Dashboard reporting service aims to discover hidden insights in the data for better management and operation.

How does it work?

Dashboards have different purposes inside an organization. We recognize two different uses that are repeated in different industries.

  1. The dashboards that serve to track operations of particular teams, such as sales teams or operational teams that need a frequent representation of the data, where they take direct action.
  2. The other type of dashboards are one-off visualisations where the goal is to show quarterly or yearly data to a particular audience.

We separate the process into three main areas:

  • The process starts writing a brief that gathers all the critical requirements and data source access. The document has to be sign-off by the client and us.
  • The next step is generating the data model that includes all the relevant to being shown, the creation of specific measures and the relationships between tables and data sources.
  • The last step is defining the layout and selecting the right visuals to be placed on the dashboard.

Our expertise relies on industries of retail and media but given the context, we can explore the data and what are the most significant KPIs to develop meaningful dashboards.

The dashboard reporting tool we use are mainly PowerBI and Tableau. Examples of our work could be seen clicking here.

We have worked connecting the following data sources:


mailchimpGoogle AnalyticsDynamics 365 Adobe Analyitcs Microsoft SQL Server